Bahria Sports City Karachi

Bahria Sports City Karachi Balloting Delayed Again!


Karachi – Investors of the mega project ‘Bahria Sports City’ were once again disjointed as Bahria Town failed yet again on their commitment  to do balloting today on 10th October, Prior delaying on 30th September 2016.

Last time Bahria Town announced the reason for the delay was due to the majority of the files were not updated and it would have been unfair to the investors who have paid on time to not let them participate in balloting.

This time around as of yet, there is no reason out yet on the delay, while prices remain in declining trend, 250 sq yards sports city trading near 50,000 below the down payment. For more rate updates visit

For now, its a game of patience who have invested their hard earn money  in hope to gain decent profits.


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5 thoughts on “Bahria Sports City Karachi Balloting Delayed Again!

  1. mazhar memon

    This may have some thing to do with supreme court case, rumor is that main dispute is in the area where proposed sports city is supposed to be.

  2. Adil khatri

    What is the next date of balloting and also update about the map of sports city.

  3. Salman

    Delaying again and again is not a good sign and it shows the lack of interest of Bahria Town Management for Sports City which is also reflecting through the negative pricing trend that means public has doubts in their mind on credibility of Bahria Town due to regular delaying practices.


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